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Tennessee personal injury cases need strong legal representation

We’ve all laughed at the cartoon where someone slips on a banana peels and falls.

Truth is, it’s not funny.

Banana peels and a number of common things around the house can cause serious injuries, such as concussions and fractures or even death. And when you are invited to someone else’s home for the first time – whether as a guest or as someone who is there to provide a service – you don’t know what kind of hazards await you.

You could trip on a garden hose that hose that hasn’t been rolled up or an area rug that is curled up on the edge. You could fall down a flight of stairs if the handrail isn’t secure. A frayed wire could cause an electric shock.

These are examples of negligence on behalf of a property owner or renter, who are responsible for the upkeep of the grounds so that visitors do not suffer an injury. While a visitor is counted on to make all attempts to take care of his or her own safety, there are some accidents that just can’t be foreseen.

If you are a victim of premises liability, as it is known, it’s important to have a legal team experienced in personal injury incidents working for you to fight for compensation for your injuries, your pain and suffering and your lost income. It’s vital to obtain legal counsel before accepting a settlement offer from the insurer of a negligent property owner because you could be signing away some of your rights.

The attorneys at The Myers Law Firm can represent your interests. You can learn more about our personal injury experience and other areas of our law practice here on our website.

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