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Knoxville Child Injury Lawyers

Child Injury Attorneys In Knox County, TN

As a parent, you want to keep your kids safe at all costs so they can live happy, healthy lives. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen despite your best efforts. If your child is hurt in any type of accident caused by the negligence of another person, they are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, diminished quality of life, and pain and suffering. Pursuing legal action to receive the money your child deserves can be a complicated and lengthy process. Working with a child injury lawyer is the best way to make sure you get the right settlement and have time to help your child with the recovery process. The Myers Firm is dedicated to helping you make the legal process as smooth as possible during this difficult time.

Michael Alan Myers and Laura Bradley Myers have a combined 35 years of experience in practicing law. While we hate seeing children hurt by someone else’s actions, we are committed to helping them through the recovery process so they can establish a new normal as quickly as possible. Working with us is a good way to make sure your kids are properly cared for when they’ve been hurt in any kind of accident.

Helpful & Professional Child Injury Attorney In Knoxville

One of the most difficult realities we face as attorneys are injuries to children. At The Myers Law Firm, we have significant experience representing children who have sustained serious and life-changing injuries and emotional damages as a result of car accidents, truck wrecks, school injuries, sports injuries, premises liability accidents, and animal attacks. We have represented children whose faces and bodies are left disfigured for a lifetime because of a car wreck or a dog attack, who have lost the ability to play or participate in normal childhood activities forever because of someone else’s fault, and whose young lives are permanently altered as the result of an accident they didn’t cause. We also represent children who have civil liability claims for criminal wrongs that have been perpetrated against them.

As with all of our clients, we take our responsibilities as attorneys for child clients very seriously. We will investigate every legally pertinent circumstance of how any client, including a child, is injured. We will listen to the parents, who are often burdened by guilt for an accident that was not their fault, but even more, we listen to our child clients, no matter how young they are.

Focused On Your Child’s Immediate Needs And Long-Term Wellbeing

As parents of twin boys, we know that children can make things up. We also know that most kids are smarter than we adults give them credit for. Children are often very good historians and witnesses, especially when they sense that a situation is serious. We do anything to make our littlest clients feel comfortable in litigation.

Mike and Laura Myers understand, both as parents and attorneys, what parents are worried about when their children are injured and have to go through the litigation process. We do everything we can to accommodate our child clients, and we have obtained structured recoveries for minor children that provide them and their parents with reassurance for their futures.

Your Child’s Case

Mike and Laura Myers are the best in the business at representing children in a court of law. Having worked for insurance companies for many years, they have a unique insight and understanding into how these corporations think. They use this knowledge to get the best settlement possible for their clients.

Their experience as parents also qualifies them to represent children legally. Many people are quick to dismiss a child’s point of view, but Mike and Laura are committed to putting their clients’ needs first. We work directly with the families we represent to ensure the following needs are taken care of.

  • Parents have time to focus on the child’s recovery.
  • Young accident victims always feel heard and understood.
  • Families understand exactly what they are entitled to.
  • We understand exactly what happened at the time of the accident, so we can help you win the proper amount of compensation.
  • We explain the legal process in a way that you and your child can easily understand each step.

Contact A Knoxville Child Injury Lawyer

We know how scary it can be when your child is hurt in an accident. Not only do you have to navigate the recovery process to give your child the best quality of life possible, but you also need to work within the confines of the legal system to get the compensation your kid deserves. If you live in Knoxville, Tennessee, and want to work with an experienced child injury attorney, let the Myers Firm provide you with the legal services you need. There is no fee to meet with us to discuss what happened to your child, and we do not charge any attorney’s fee unless you and your child recover money damages. Call 865-247-8255, or complete our online contact form to get started.

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