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Knoxville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – Knox County, TN

Even when they follow the rules of the road, motorcyclists have a higher chance of being seriously injured in an accident than the drivers of other vehicles. Other drivers often fail to remember that motorcyclists have the same right to the road as other vehicles, and sometimes this negligence results in an accident. When you need legal aid to receive the compensation you deserve, trust the spousal team at the Myers Law Firm to have your best interest at heart. If you’re looking for a motorcycle accident attorney in Knoxville, we are ready to help.

Eastern Tennessee’s scenery and climate make it ideal for motorcycling most months of the year. Even though motorcyclists have the same rights to the road as other motor vehicles, too often, drivers of other cars fail to look out for motorcycles. When motorists drive negligently around motorcycles, the outcome can be catastrophic or fatal.

Even when motorcyclists wear helmets and protective clothing, they still face a greater risk of serious injury in a crash. These injuries can leave someone with a grueling physical recovery and financial uncertainty. At The Myers Law Firm, Michael Alan Myers and Laura Bradley Myers help injured motorcyclists get the compensation they need for their medical expenses, lost income, damage to their motorcycle, pain and suffering, and other damages. Our law firm also represents family members in wrongful death claims, including those claims related to the passing of a family member from a motorcycle crash.

Getting Involved in an Accident

Car accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you spin out of control because of bad weather conditions or you are hit by another driver who isn’t paying attention to the road, you are entitled to compensation. It is important to see your medical care first, especially if the accident was serious and you were severely injured. After the medical records have been updated and the accident report has been filed, it is time to call a licensed attorney to take over running the case. The attorneys here at the Myers Law Firm are ready to take over so you can focus on getting the rest you need to recover. We’ll work on gathering all of the evidence we need to prove that you are entitled to compensation.

Taking Decisive Action In Motorcycle Wrecks

Even if it seems clear that a negligent driver caused your wreck, it is still important to retain a skilled personal injury lawyer who will fully support your claim for damages. Insurance companies are very hesitant to fully compensate accident victims for their losses, especially when the injured person has significant medical expenses and other damages. Insurance carriers owe you, the injured party, no duty at all, and they are not being paid to look out for your interests – they are being paid to look out for their insurer’s interests and to save their employer money on paid-out claims.

Your lawyer will have to prove every part of the case, from the other driver’s negligence to the damages you will need now and going forward. At The Myers Law Firm, we excel in all aspects of the personal injury process. From investigation to negotiation, and when necessary, litigation, we are devoted to our client’s cause.

This is where the experience of Laura Bradley Myers and Michael Alen Myers pays off. Because the husband and wife duo has spent a large portion of their careers working for insurance companies, they know how these insurance agents think. We’ll work to make sure insurance companies can’t find any legal loopholes that may keep you from getting the compensation you deserve if you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident.

Hiring a Lawyer To Take On Your Case

Even if you think your case is simple, hiring the right lawyer for the job is essential. You need someone who has your best interests at heart, and the attorneys at the Myers Law Firm are ready to help you win the compensation you deserve. We understand how devastating a motorcycle accident can be, and we can help you get compensated for any of the following reasons.

  • Psychological damage
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Permanent injury and disability
  • Living expenses during recovery
  • Damage to future earning potential

Contact A Knoxville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We offer a free consultation to discuss your injuries and accidents with us. Call 865-247-8255 or email us today. You will not owe us any attorneys’ fees unless we recover money damages for you. Based in Fountain City, near Knoxville, Tennessee, we represent clients in Knoxville, Sevierville, Maryville, across East Tennessee, and throughout the United States. We frequently represent people who have been injured at area attractions while on vacation in Sevierville and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and while visiting the Great Smoky Mountains. We also represent many out-of-state clients who have been referred to us.

If you need someone to fight for you so you can be compensated after being involved in a motorcycle accident. The Myers Law Firm is ready to take on your case. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, we are ready to help motorcyclists in any of the surrounding areas fight for the compensation they deserve. Contact us today to discuss your case if you are looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Knoxville.

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