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Dogs are known as man’s best friend. Unfortunately, dogs don’t always live up to that phrase. When dog owners fail to properly train or contain their dog, the result can be tragic. Dog bites can cause devastating, disfiguring injuries to adults and children alike. Other animals, such as farm animals or other animals can bite people, knock people down or cause other injuries. Following a dog bite or animal attack, it is important to work with lawyers who are fully invested in the success of your legal claim.

We are Michael Alan Myers and Laura Bradley Myers of The Myers Law Firm, and we have significant experience in representing people who have been injured, attacked, or mauled by animals. Our Knoxville-area law firm has helped individuals and families across the region who have suffered dog bites or animal attacks. We fully understand Tennessee’s dog bite laws and how they will apply to your unique situation.

Pursuing Every Source Of Compensation In An Injury Claim

The dog or animal owner’s insurance policy is a critical issue in many dog bite and animal attack cases. Ideally, the dog or animal owner’s homeowners insurance should cover your damages from the attack, such as your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Having handled many personal injury claims, for both insurance carriers and now, as personal injury attorneys for individual clients, our attorneys understand the intricacies of insurance policies and how to build a case that accounts for all of your damages.

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The sooner you get in touch with our law firm after a dog bite or animal attack, the sooner we can help you avoid making mistakes that impact the ultimate value of your case, and the sooner we can begin helping you build the strongest case for money damages that you can. A consultation with Mike or Laura does not cost you any money, and the attorneys can be reached at 865-247-8255, or you can complete our online contact form to begin.