We’ve Represented Thousands of Car Wreck Clients

Car Accident Lawyers in Knoxville, TN

A car wreck is an overwhelming physical and emotional experience for every one of the thousands of clients we have ever represented. In literally the blink of an eye, a normal life is shattered and a new one, with multiple challenges and difficulties, takes its place. 

Take Immediate Action after a Car Crash

At the crash scene, if clients are physically able, we we advise clients to call police, and if they are in any pain, call an ambulance and go to the hospital to be checked out. We advise clients to take pictures of their vehicle as it appears at the time immediately following the crash, and in the position their vehicle landed after the crash. We advise physically able clients to take pictures of the at-fault driver’s vehicle, including their license plate. We advise pictures of the crash scene, and, of course, we advise clients to keep all information the investigating police officer gives you. Make sure to tell the police officer your side of the story regarding what happened to cause the crash. Sometimes people are scared, dazed and not thinking properly immediately after a crash, but you should know that the determinations a police officer makes about how the crash occurred can have a serious impact on your ability to recover.  We also advise clients to record witness names, if there are witnesses who come forward.  Sometimes police officers don’t talk to the very people who rush up to help you after a crash. 

We advise clients to immediately seek medical help for the pain and physical problems they feel after a wreck. If you do not document your medical problems from a car wreck right after the wreck occurs, the insurance company for the person who caused the wreck may deny you were ever hurt. In addition, we advise clients to refuse to speak to an at-fault’s insurance carrier, because they are most likely being recorded, and to refuse to give a formal recorded statement to the opposing insurance carrier. Statements given to insurance carriers can create problems for injured parties that cannot be remedied. 

Car Insurance Companies are Not Your Friends

We remind all our clients that car insurance carriers for the people who caused your wreck are not your friends, and they have zero legal obligation to you. The only obligation the car insurance carrier for the person who hit you has is to their insured, not you.  We know, they seem nice. Do not be fooled. They are not your friends.  Your friend is the lawyer you hire, at no up-front cost to you, to protect your rights.

In Tennessee, you can recover many damages if the wreck wasn’t your fault.  Recoverable damages include medical damages, lost wages, pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses, and more.

Money Damages You are Entitled to Recover In Tennessee

When you are involved in a car wreck that is not your fault, you are entitled to receive compensation for damages, which fall into two main categories

The property damage portion of your claim consists of compensation for:

  • The cost to repair your car, or the car’s fair market value if it is a total loss
  • The loss of use of your car
  • Any depreciation in the value of your car

Additionally, you can recover compensation for collision-related damage to other property, such  as:

  • Mobile phones or other devices
  • Equipment and tools in the car
  • Eyeglasses or other personal property items

The bodily injury portion of your claim involves compensation for the injuries and associated losses caused by the car wreck. This includes compensation for:

  • Past and expected future medical bills
  • Losses in wages and future earnings capacity
  • Prescription expenses
  • Pain and suffering

The legal term “pain and suffering” includes recovery for the following:

  • Physical and mental injuries
  • Past pain and expected future pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Inconveniences and negative changes to your lifestyle because of injuries — including not being able to do everyday activities, missing events such as family gatherings, and not being able to travel as normal

If you have been injured in a car crash, The Myers Law Firm can help. We offer free initial consultations for all personal injury cases. We do not charge any fee for any service unless we recover for you. 

Hire Our Lawyers and Avoid Making Mistake That Can Cost You Thousands

Despite having successfully resolved thousands of cases over our careers, we are still surprised at the lengths insurance companies will go to minimize our clients’ claims. Without question, the earlier The Myers Firm are involved in your personal injury claim, the better the possibility that your money damages from the claim will be maximized. Stated simply, we can help you avoid problems that will make your case worth less than it could be worth, and can help you take the steps necessary to maximize the value of your case. It is particularly important, at the beginning of your case, right after the injury, not to do anything or say anything or ignore particular parts of evidence preservation or gathering that will injure your case. Much of the damage done to clients’ cases is done in the first weeks immediately after the client has been injured, and we strongly suggest that you consult with counsel as soon as possible after you are hurt. Sometimes, once the damage has been done to an unsuspecting injured party by an insurance carrier, it cannot be undone.